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  • “Materials and Concepts in Jazz Improvisation” 
     5th ed., 2005; Assayer Publishing  
     Available on

  • “From Chart to Reality: The Editorial Role of the Pianist in a Big Band”
     Jazz Education Journal, Oct. 2005
     PDF available here.

    • “What Students Say About Liberal Education at GVSU” (with Diana Pace, Catherine Frerichs,
        and Tamara Rosier)              
      AACU “Liberal Education Journal”  Fall 2010
      PDF available here.   

 • “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Piano” 
     Grand Valley Review, Spring 2003
      PDF available here.

  • “The Creative Process vs. The Canon”  
     Grand Valley Review, Fall 2001
      PDF available here.

  • “Hin und Zurück: Hindemith Recycles in Ludus Tonalis”  
     Alberta New Music and Arts Review, Winter 2000

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Artwork: Vincent Van Gogh and Vilnos Aba-Novák.  Photography by Bernadine Carey