Pianist, Composer, Author



Many of these scores are available at Lulu.

Concertos, Orchestra, Large Ensembles

• Techne et Episteme–Double Concertino for Flute, Violin and Orchestra

• The Crime of Galileo—Ballet Suite in Five Movements for Solo Piano and String Orchestra

• Caesar et Rubicon (for orchestra)

• The Nameless City (for orchestra)

• Symphony for Brass Choir and Percussion


• Suite "Palais Meran" for 'Cello Ensemble—a  five-movement work commissioned by High Desert  

   Arts Society

• TorBeast—for six trumpets (commissioned by University of Michigan)

• Gormenghast Overture—mixed chamber ensemble

• The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress—for pandrum ensemble

• Invective Against Swans—for 8 trumpets

• Inscription for An Unintended Monument—for flugelhorn and piano

• Hooligan Wind—for trumpet ensemble, double bass, and percussion

• My Funny Valentine—arrangement for trumpet and jazz rhythm section

• A Community of Trees—six movements for piano, voice, trumpet, clarinet and flute

• After the Swan’s Song –Nocturne for Cello and Piano

• Songs from Far West (jazz trio)

• Arrangement of Hindemith's Mathis der Maler Grablegung (second movement) for Double  

  Bass and Piano

• A Tale of Great Ulysses—Ballade for Violin and Cello

• Three Roman Scenes for Brass Quintet

• Fanfare for a New Day (ver. I: for three B-flat trumpets)

• Fanfare for a New Day (ver. II: for two piccolo trumpets and one trumpet in ‘D’)


• A Community of Trees (for voice, piano, trumpet/flugelhorn, clarinet/bassoon, and flute

• Elegy—In Memoriam Douglass Green (for wordless women’s chorus)

• The Sail of Ulysses  (for piano and double bass, string quartet, horn, text: Wallace Stevens)

• The Tomb Song (improvisatory quintet with vocalist)

• Zigeunerkind (mixed SATB chorus)

• Six or Seven Songs from Eight Significant Landscapes (song cycle for voice and piano)

Solo Piano/Keyboard

• Angel Eyes (carillon)

• Nocturne No. 1 (piano)

• Nocturne No. 2 (piano)

• The Tolling of the Iron Bell (carillon)

• Three Inventions for the Young Harpsichordist

• Transcription of Hindemith's "Mathis der Maler–Grablegung" (second movement), solo piano

• Sonatina (three movements for solo piano)

• Canadian Suite  (five movements for solo piano)